Ability Plus is excited to announce we have a new payroll processing company!

NEW - iSolved GO Payroll App

BenefitMall, our previous payroll provider is transitioning out of the payroll business. Now, rather than two separate companies for timekeeping and payroll, you now have both timekeeping and payroll with the same company: Insperity/iSolved.

Payroll for Friday, October 2 has been processed in the new company. If you have an email on file from the old payroll system, please check that email as you should have received a link and directions for logging into the new system. Please take a minute to find this email. Be sure to search your junk/spam folder. If you do not find an email from insperity@myisolved.com, then, please send an email to payroll@ability-plus.org with the email address to where you want the link sent.

Once you access the new payroll system, please review your data. The self-service option now available to you will allow you to make these changes. You will now be responsibility for making these changes yourself. For your reference, an Employee Self Service User’s Guide is attached. If there is an issue with your pay, please following the proper channel (as noted below) to communicate your concern(s).

- Notify House Manager in print (email or text) of the discrepancy, if the problem is related to hours.
- Notify tarrian.franklin@ability-plus.org if the problem is benefit-related.
- Notify payroll@ability-plus.org if the problem concerns your pay rate, a non-benefit deduction, or any other issue.

After 9/30/20, you will no longer see future pay data in BenefitMall. If you need to pull any older payroll information from the old system, please do so prior to November 30, 2020. You will no longer have access into the old system after 11/30/20.

Please have patience as we move forward into this new system, for we all will be learning together!

Melissa Dean
Ability Plus, Inc.